Saturday, January 12, 2013


Tonight, I miss my 205 family. For two and a half years, I lived in a fantastic house with marvelous friends. (Our address was 205 - you can check out some of our old shenanigans at our house blog.) I'm used to five-girls-to-a-couch, back rub trade-offs, "anybody want hot water?," untweetables, inside jokes, tap water so hot it burns, constant knocking on the front door, hair braiding, "sorry I'm not sorry" ... and I miss it all. Except for that last one - sorry not sorry Melissa & Claire! And now, waiting for March 18th, I'm home at my mom's, separated from my 205 family, and three people in one room is just too quiet.

Thus, a reflection on some of my favorite moments in 205 history. Not even remotely a comprehensive look at all that is wonderful about 205 (actually, just the photos sitting on my desktop - too lazy to download any more right now. Haters gonna hate.) (And girls from this past'll show up in pictures soon. I miss you all too.)


I'm rarely sappy, but here it is: wow. I love you girls. So much it hurts. And I already miss living with you. 

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