Saturday, January 5, 2013

eat ALL the food!

My life revolves around food. I'm like a small child that needs to be fed every two hours. I also have no self control.

So, me, the last two (holiday) months:

My very favorite thing to eat in the whole world = ginger molasses cookies. I make them ALL. THE. TIME, but the holidays are an especially apt time to make them in copious amounts and consume them in same copious amounts. Here is the recipe:

I always, always promise those around me not to eat all the dough before I bake it, but they're usually all

Because then I eat a lot of it because it's DELICIOUS AND (emotionally) NUTRITIOUS. In my defense, the majority gets baked. And ends up in my stomach.

But now it's January and time to be healthy-ish again. 

Especially after looking at the number on the scale.

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