Monday, March 25, 2013

Chapter 25: In which two biddies dress me up like a doll

Or, don't you wish that you were as hot as me?

Or, 6,000 pounds of clothes.

My mama and (who I thought was my gjushe (grandma) but now I'm pretty sure is just) my aunt Susi dressed me up in traditional Albanian clothes tonight. I think it may have been wedding clothes...but I'm not sure. There are a LOT of things about which I am not sure these days. Mostly I just smile and nod shake my head.*

My baba (dad) took a zillion photos of the process and the result, a few of which I'm including to my own shame. The quality isn't the best (remember who was behind the camera) but I did what I could to clear them up. Also, the awkward no smile is because they were all yelling at me to stop showing my teeth. Albanians don't smile for photos and usually manage to look dignified...whereas I look like a demented psychopath.

*Did I mention Albanians shake their heads yes and nod their heads no? They do. It doesn't confuse me at all.


  1. Mary! What a babe!! Watch out for those Albanian men though!

  2. look so good! Not joking!! Albania looks good on you ;)

  3. I'm shaking my head at your new look. Pay attention to the donkey. He probably knows more than you think...Rob