Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Real Deal

Hello blogging world!
Welcome to the very first ***GUEST POST*** on this Albanian Princess' blog! Yes, I did want Mary to title her blog The Albanian Princess....but for some reason that didn't fly with her.
Anyways, hey, I'm Becky and I am so happy that I can without a doubt call Mary my best friend! Which gives me the wonderful opportunity to present Mary to you all through the eyes of her best friend. And I am so excited to share some of her life with you.
Now I'm not the best blogger, and I know Mary is very proud of her witty, comical, and entertaining voice on her blog, so don't think that that will all carry over to this post....sorry. So let me share some of the amazing things about Mary:

We went through college together....start to finish being best friends. Now many people can say that? And yes, we are obsessed with this picture.

Mary is amazed by the simplest things. When she found out that she could sit between my car and her van in the high school parking was like she saw the world in a different light. But seriously...admit is pretty awesome.

There was a time when I listened to the UW Madhatters (a beyond amazing talented a cappella group on campus....if you know know the Madhatters) over and over and over. I'm not exaggerating....I listened to them when I napped, when I was doing homework, on my way to class. #obsessed But this picture always reminds me of that because we were listening to their songs when we had our first official roomie photobooth session.
Also....we are twins.

Mary has taught me so many life skills, which surprisingly I didn't know before. Basically I was helpless until she stepped into my life and showed me how to live like a real person; cooking, gardening, sewing, laundry, how to hang a picture, use a drill, etc. Note: I was a weird teenager.

I think if I had to find a picture that described our relationship, it would be this one. Just taking a look at our faces tells the whole story. First off, I'm a camera hog...I love taking pictures of myself and posing. Where Mary on the other hand is saying, "Are you being for real right now? You are ridiculous." She's always there to pull me back into reality when I need it. 

We really do love each other....even though you sometimes can't tell through our bantering and our overly heated arguments playing devil's advocate with cold comebacks and our sarcastic put downs. Ouch....wait...are we actually friends?

One of our best practical jokes: In my student teaching I had pictures taken for school...and they turned out...well, semi-creepy. It looked like a decent picture, but if you really look at it, after a while it turns creepy. So Mary and I hid these pictures around our house. This was the best: in the downstairs bathroom we stuck a huge pic of me on the ceiling and put a sign hanging from the sink that said "I'm always watching you." We also put a picture in a ziplock bag in the shower saying, "always." Other places included Kellen's truck visor, Emily's jewelry box, and on the wall behind Laura's laptop. It was soooo funny! We are so clever.

She loves Harry Potter! When the 7th Harry Potter book came out, we didn't want each other to know what happened before the other one, so we spend the entire day reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows out loud to each other taking turns reading every other page. Dedication.

She's pretty cool because even though she has decided to not drink alcohol she still comes out to the bars with us. She fills the role of our DW, designated walker. And heck, she gets free soda all night....winning.
The stuff this girl puts up with though at the wee hours of the night....I'm tellin' ya. She's an angel.

You may know Mary as a tough, all-knowing, practical gal. But seriously...if there's a mouse, cockroach, or really any kind of bug around she is on a mad dash to a high safe place. And we've been exposed to quite a lot of these pests in our old college house.

But please, let me introduce you to a typical friday night of Becky and Mary. This was the first night of spring break last year and for awhile we were the only ones at the house. Our roommate Cecily has a great speaker system so we started singing and dancing. It literally lasted for two or three hours. Our roommate Laura came home and decided to film us as we entertained her. These are the memories that I just remember with pure joy where we forgot about deadlines, school, and other problems and just sang our little hearts out. No judgement please. Love you and miss you best friend!!

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