Tuesday, March 12, 2013

UPDATED: How much do cheese curds weigh?

...or should I say: how much do they...wait for it...whey?

How is that pathetic list going? Let's see:

1. Finish up at the WWHF (tears).
2. Visit MEGAN in KANSAS!
3. Have lunch with Grandma twice.
4. Go visit my great aunts.
5. Ice skate in Tenney Park!
6. Teach Ella (my nine-year-old best friend) how to skype.
7. Um, pack?
8. Cry because packing is overwhelming and I don't know what to bring and what to leave behind and do I take both my favorite stuffed animals or just one or maybe none, I don't want to look infantile and OMG WHY DOES MY COAT WEIGH 15 POUNDS I'm going to die.
9. Clean out my Wiscmail and forward all my contacts/correspondence to my Gmail (bye bye, wisc.edu)
10. Re-download my Albanian language files which for some reason decided to stop working. NOT COOL, LANGUAGE FILES.
11. Go to Cecily's bridal shower!
11.25. Get shower gift.
11.75. jk, that's a lie...

12. Spend ALL the money! On: new boots, new camera (suggestions?), eno hammock straps, smart wool socks, long underwear, E-BOOKS.
13. Find my red REI thermos. 205 girls, has anyone seen it?
14. Clean my room. No, seriously. I've been going all Twister on it for two months. It's pathetic.
15. Continue to blog about absolutely NOTHING.
16. Proofread.
17. ...by the way, Dad, can I use one of your big green suitcases? For the next two years? Haha, NOPE, we don't have them anymore. Had to buy a new one.
18. Have a Disney night.
19. Stitch 'n' bitch. Last time, it was in a bar. I BROUGHT EMBROIDERY TO A BAR, PEOPLE.
20. Get fresh cosmetics and toiletries, etc. Because I can't imagine anything worse than arriving in a foreign country without blush. That would be embarrassing.
21. If you didn't catch the sarcasm in the previous list item, do you even know me?
22. Finish the myriad of books I've started at home: Crazy Love, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (books 2, 3, 4, & 5), A Confederacy of Dunces, The Age of Innocence (cheater - I downloaded it to read on the plane).
23. Find the best way to fit a yoga mat in a suitcase.
24. Take nothing seriously.
25. Pray.

Ok, now let's add NEW things to the list! Yay stress!

26. Download music from CDs totally not from the library at all nope.
27. Get walking shoes...gulp.
28. Learn the Albanian alphabet. Just lesson 1. That's all I ask of you, Mary.
29. Fix my black backpack. I tried to iron on my Peace Corps iron-on patch and melted my backpack. Whoops.
30. Call Aunt Susie back about that going-away gift thing.
31. Play as much piano as humanly possible.
32. Go to Costco for things that are bad quality in Albania - like q-tips, apparently.
33. Freak out because NONE of my Amazon purchases which I paid EXTRA for so that they would get here EARLY have arrived. NONE. 
34. Backrubs! with my backrub buddy, Cecily.
34.5 Cec, you are in this list a lot. Congratulations.
35. Narrow down my packing list. I don't think I need to bring 17 pairs of shoes. Or 8 journals. But DEFINITELY 6 bras. 

Sorry that this list wasn't funny. I tried. 

JK, that's a lie, I didn't try, this is a real list for me so I stop forgetting stuff. I swear, I'm so overwhelmed, it's a miracle I remember to put on pants in the morning.

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  1. i once read harry potter in a bar for approximately three hours. was waiting for my friends after work and got so into it that they came, had some drinks and chatted while sitting next to me, and i just continued to read. i couldn't stop. i think it was the order of the phoenix, and probably my third or fourth time reading.

    so i love you and i am glad that you are safe and sound and i hope you wore your jacket on the plane, because seriously fifteen pounds?! when i moved home from orlando i lugged around my art history book that weighs twelve pounds (but feels like 25) around in my carry-on.

    anyway, YAY! blogging and fun stuff.
    <3 a