Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why am I posting this?

Ok, so the food here is...just different. There is a TON of oil and salt. For example, the home made feta is divine, but I could literally feel my eyeballs drying out as I ate it from the sheer amount of salt.

Speaking of eyeballs, I finally got a hold of my dad for the first time since leaving Madison. I was already feeling weepy (I'm tired, lonely - no one speaks English! I'm not charming if I can't talk! - and do not feel well at all), but as soon as I heard his voice I literally burst into tears. Like, the tears flew from my eyes horizontally. The whole family slowly turned to look at me then they awkwardly slowly turned away and sort of continued with their conversation. All the while I held a conversation with Dad that had more snot in it than intelligible words.

Btw, SOS MOM, WHERE ARE YOU? I CAN'T SKYPE YOU IF YOU NEVER LOG IN. But you can call me (it's probably pretty expensive....waaaaaaaay too expensive on my end, but less expensive on yours) if we can't get skype to work. 011-355-69686-8834. I miss you.

Also, I've gotten to know some of the animals. There are two pregnant cows next door, an agoraphobic bunny in the back of the truck (which might be dinner some day soon? not sure.), a maniacal dog, and a donkey that's pissed at the world and spends its day braying its complaints to society in general. There are also chickens, ducks, and turkeys everywhere, and they get along (surprisingly) quite well, thank you very much. And I mustn't forget my roommate - a wee mouse in the wall. It can't be very comfortable in there, it's cement. 

The End.



  1. I love this, Mary! Your honesty and emotion are raw. It takes courage to write like this. Hang in there!

  2. Hey Sweetie
    I was so glad to see you yesterday
    I hope today went well and you got your bearings down with the rest of the group
    Working on getting you books
    Te dua shume!

  3. Thanks, Rhona. I tried to keep it positive...sorta....

    And Dad, let's talk again soon, k? I know it's SUCH a BUMMER to talk to me...