Monday, April 1, 2013

A day in the life

And now, for your mediocre entertainment, a summary of a PST's (peace corps trainee) daily life.

6:30 - Mirëmëngjes! It's cold. That is all.

7:30 - Friends arrive for the walk to school! Host family can't decide whether they are body guards or boyfriends. The answer to everything is food.

8:00 - School begins. School is in a cement building, built by the soviets. It is very cold.* That is all.

10:30 - We've worked really hard (we haven't). We deserve some coffee! (we don't) We take a coffee break (we do).

11:30 - Back to the school for more language. And circle dancing, at times.

1:00 - Lunch! Usually pilaf (rice cooked in chicken broth) and a salad.

2:30 - Explore? Visit host families? Walk to Bishqem for more coffee?

6:30 - Go home. Take pictures of kids. Answer all of Klarida's questions.

She jabbers incessantly (which I love) but then will suddenly stop, point, and glare at me until I tell her what it is in Shqip. Only then do I get a, "Bravo, Meri!" and the chatting continues.

8:30 - Dinner is generally too salty, too oily, and undercooked. Lots of eggs, kos, and chicken, garlicky peppers, and bread. In fact, “to eat” or “breakfast” or “lunch” or “dinner” in shqip is literally “bukë” – BREAD. But the byrek (quiche-like pie) is delicious. AND THE CAKE. CAKE IS ALWAYS GOOD.

Welcome to the family!


9:30 - Lights out! (No, literally....the electricity usually craps out right about now). Naten e mire!

*What? You say, but Mary, you're from WI! Where it gets down to 30 below zero at times! You love the cold! WRONG. I LOVE THE COLD WHEN IT IS OUTSIDE. NOT WHEN IT IS INSIDE.


  1. This makes me so happy. I love all the updates, girl. :) You are so brave and adventurous.. you make my ambitions to move to another state for graduate school much less daunting. Miss you terribly. Be safe and let's Skype some day!

  2. Yes, let's skype! And grad school in another state? NBD. YOU DA GIRL.