Thursday, April 18, 2013


Growing up, my best friend Samantha and I always shared a birthday party because our birthdays were only one day apart. When I moved to Mount Horeb as a twelve-year-old, I made a new friend whose birthday was two days before mine...thus it follows that she became my new BFF. Today is the first birthday in a decade that we haven't celebrated together. SAD DAY. But it's also the anniversary of her entrance into the world, so HAPPY DAY!

Thus, I post this video here on my blog because Facebook doesn't let you post video messages anymore. THANKS, FACEBOOK.

Oh, and happiest of happy birthdays, my darling friend! Love you and miss you and praying that this is your best year yet!

How I will greet her the next time I see her:

Also, this is super awkward. Just embrace it.

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