Monday, April 22, 2013

Full of warm fuzzies and unicorns and rainbows and cake. Mostly cake.

First of all - wow. I feel so loved. Thank you to everyone who called/skyped/posted/wrote to/sang to/prayed for/etc. me for my birthday. I felt it all and am so grateful!

That being said, let's talk about how my birthday went down...or how I AM THE WORST COOK MY HOST FAMILY HAS EVER SEEN SHAME SHAME SHAME.

Pre-hub coffee. We almost always hit up the Cafe Mozart before starting on the big group activities when all of us are in Elbasan for Hub Days.

During the day we hit up the Muzeu Etnografik, which is an old house in the middle of the city of Elbasan restored to what it would have looked like around 1870 (when it was built).

Amber and I talk about cake ALL. THE. TIME. Of course we needed a picture by the CAKE ME! sign.

When I got home, our house was SURPRISE! being re-insulated. Thanks for the heads up, fam. 

But they got me flowers from their garden and weird little presents!

Here's where it gets a little hairy. I wanted to make dinner for my family at some point, and thought my birthday would be a good day to try it out. I wanted to make guacamole. There are no avocados in Elbasan. So I went with the next best thing and attempted stuffed french toast.

If you know me at all, you may have noticed I might have a small bit of an total ego in the kitchen sometimes often always. Imagine my hysterics and emotional breakdown when this is what happened to my expensive dinner:

OMG I SUCK AT LIFE WHY GOD WHY? And now my family thinks I'm totally inadequate in the kitchen. Scratch that, they suspected if before and now they know for sure. I know they suspected it before because they had already made a spare dinner "just in case".

But we all ate my failed french toast anyway because it was still pretty delicious. I just stuffed the bread with strawberries and bananas and made an orange peel glaze to take the place of maple syrup. I'm going to blame the failure on the fact that the stove barely gets hot enough to fry an egg, let alone soggy-eggy bread.

But then they pulled out a cake and I was happy. And very, very, very full.

above: Happy Birthday Mary! below: my age plus 100 (kind of how in the US we sing "and many more" here they say "may you have one hundred more [birthdays]."

Thus ended my 23rd birthday...until I cake in class today from my teacher! Shoutout to the only best fig cake I've ever had!

And then I found five dollars.


  1. and dead babies. kidding it was a good story, you didn't even need to find $5.