Monday, April 22, 2013

It's pronounced "LOOSH-nyuh"

The Friday before my birthday was one of the biggest days of PST: SITE ANNOUNCEMENT DAY. Talk about nervous – they made us wait until the end of the day and threw on some “Final Countdown” while we all sat in our own stress sweat because OMG WHERE ARE WE GOING TO LIVE AND WORK FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS OF OUR LIVES?


Well, at least we know we'll be in Albania. We think.


Genti, our training manager. A wonderful person..who enjoyed (waaay too much) making us wait and sweat.

They put up the big map of Albania on the wall via powerpoint and one by one our faces popped up on our sites. And I’m going to (drumroll please)…….

Sorry, I’m not allowed to tell you haha, that’s hilarious obviously I’m going to tell everyone LUSHNJE!

Now, that blank look on your face right now? That’s what I looked like too. But the only things I really cared about were:

1. I have a sitemate! And I like her! And her name is Megan! (Actually, her name is a moot point. But I digress.)

2. There are churches in town…and we both go to church!
3. It’s on a main road so I can go visit everyone!
4. I have an AWESOME apartment! (I know this because I’m replacing a guy whose service is up and I’m moving into his awesome apartment.)

Not so great? It looks like Wisconsin. Except it’s 6,000 miles away. But still. Lots of corn…and flat.

But I’m quick furgon ride to both the Adriatic and the mountains so NBD.

We all went to the secret garden to celebrate (or commiserate). PST feels so different now...and it's going fast.


  1. Mary this is so cool. #1 I'm very glad you have a site mate, that you like her and that you share common areas of life together, i.e. Church, #2 You like your apartment and its location #3 Did I hear correctly from Emily that you are going to inherit a cat! This will be a first:, #4 Your location for the next two years - yahoo - is so convenient to other areas. #5 We, Emily, Grandma, Dani and Aunt Susie just came back from the Copper Top and they [Coppertop owners] were so excited to learn where you will be. They said you will know everyone in the area! ***** And most important you look happy and peaceful. "Stay alert"; LOVE YOU, Mom

  2. I wish I could inherit a cat...but Peace Corps doesn't allow pets. Boo!

    But love to you all!