Saturday, April 27, 2013


In Jill's candy wrapper: "Then, what is a kiss? 'Tis a secret told to the mouth."


Everyone's talking at once, and someone suggests: "We need a talking-stick."
Amber: "Can it be a talking-cake? I'm hungry."


Me: "I can't wait to wear my dress for swearing-in - it's covered in sequins and it's all (glittery+shimmery)!"
...combine those two words. And I didn't say "glimmery".


In shqip, while learning past tense:
Me: "A long time ago, I ... opened a door. I closed it also."
Josh: "Two years ago, I ... lived."
You know who: "Yesterday, I ... wanted cake."


Jill, in the middle of class: "Can I borrow a rock? My show is stuck to the chair."


Remember how I told you that the verb pi, (pronounced "pee") actually means to drink? Here's another one for you: in shqip, "Hi! How are you?" is si je? (pronounced, "see ya!"). WHY ARE YOU SO CONFUSING, LANGUAGE?

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