Monday, April 29, 2013


Or, We're halfway through PST!

Or, How peaceful is the corps? (As requested by my darling little sister)

Last week we had the opportunity to teach classes in the local school. The first class we did was a hygiene class for kindergartners on germs and sanitation. LOOK HOW EXCITED THEY ARE TO LEARN:

JK, they actually had fun. We played with dirt, gave high fives, and threw things...basically, every 4-year-old's dream. (Fun fact: kindergarten in Albania is for any kid under the age of 6, really. So we had two-year-olds in the class...who didn't really get the lesson. BECAUSE THEY ARE TWO YEARS OLD.) 

We took a lot of photos, and they absolutely loved looking at their pictures.

I promise to throw trash only in the trash bin.

Dan teaching the kiddos not to throw trash in the river.

Dirt + Vaseline + Soap + Water = Mess + Fun

The next day we taught an STI lesson for a tenth grade life skills class. Many high schoolers here speak English quite well, but we still did all the activities in both languages (with the help of translators).

On a totally non-practicum related note, but cute kids note, we went to Amber's house and spent some time with her host sister and friends...who are 7 years old. They taught us some games and we reciprocated. For the game in the video below, they had to try not to laugh at the end of the rhyme thing....which was ADORABLE.


  1. This is adorable!! YOU ARE A TEACHER!! Welcome to the club :)

  2. YAY I'M IN THE CLUB! wooooooooooooooot!