Saturday, April 20, 2013

The BIGGEST Happy Birthday Shout Out to the BESTEST Friend!


Since you're in Albania and we are here, we obviously can't be with you on your very special day. But we decided that we still wanted you to hear our voices and see our faces as we wished you a happy birthday! 

So we proudly present:
A Pro/Con List for Mary on her Birthday! (Plus something a little extra at the end for your viewing pleasure)*

But in all seriousness, we love you and we miss you!! We're so proud of you and the great adventure you are on. We can't wait to see who you become and how you grow during this 23rd year of life. You already have this huge heart that cares deeply and passionately about so many things, and that is truly inspiring. So many people back here are sending you so much love and prayers your way constantly! It's just not the same without you around, but we couldn't be anymore prouder of who you've become!

Missing you Mary! Love you!

*We love making music videos way too much! 


  1. This. Is. The. Greatest. I watched the whole video even though it wasn't for me. Happy Birthday Mary, love you so much. And I hope you have a great day. Those host partents better make you can fricken CAKE that you can devout! Can't wait to skype soon.

  2. Holy amazing. This is beautiful. THANK YOU. I'LL LOVE THIS FOREVAAAAAAAA.