Friday, April 5, 2013

This is how I look when... host father orders me to get him an apple and peel it for him:

...I know all the biddies are talking about me and then I finally figure out what they're saying:

...when parents bring their baby on the 12-passenger bus (called a furgon) as the 13th, 14th, and 15th passengers:

...when I glance up from writing this post to see my host father getting a foot rub from my 9-year-old neighbor (my bestie Klarida):

...when Josh brings french toast (FRENCH TOAST) to class to share, but eats it all before I get a chance to eat some:

...when I reach the end of the cookies I hid in my room:

...when I reach the end of anything I brought from the US that I can't replace here:


  1. this post.....literally gets me everytime. I smile a lot

  2. ...yeah, I'm pretty proud of it. ;)

  3. Mary I have been following your adventures. It seems you are begining to have some fun. I am still working with you Pop on the mouse/rat lofts and soon will have the new models. Here in Madison it is still cold and overcast. It is currently 40 at 2 PM. Ths ice is off the lake and the days are longer. I do appreciat your stories so please keep them up, Ben