Thursday, April 4, 2013

This is what happens when you let us loose with the Albanian language

When we learn verbs in language class, they are accompanied by pictures demonstrating the action, and we try to guess what it means. Today we learned the verb strihem. This was the photo.

Three of us simultaneously yelled out "to become a cat!" 


"Complete the sentence in Albanian: When I forget something, I..."
Jill: "want beer."


"Compose five sentences using time adverbs."

Mary/Amber: "I want chocolate always. I often eat chocolate. Chocolate is never bad. I sometimes eat cake. I am rarely not hungry."


(While discussing the various issues communicating with our host families who speak no English)
Jill: "I need to study (shqip) I can do laundry."


(While trying to say, "I'm a glass-half-full kind of guy")
Mark, in shqip: "I'm a glass full of man!"


You know what's reallllly funny? The verb "to drink" in shqip is "pi". So when you drink something here, you literally pee it.

Why do I have the humor of a 12-year-old boy?


  1. Hey sweetie
    Sounds like your shqip is coming along nice and slow
    You should always be gentle when working with shqip
    I know because I raised shqip for 4H
    Une te dua

  2. This is pure brilliance. Especially Russ's comment.

  3. Well, daddio, aren't you darling. And clever. :)

    Miss you!