Monday, April 29, 2013

What did I do today?

I got up at a decent time without the help of an alarm clock!

Had kafe with the neighbor ladies.

Almost broke the neighbor kids' new home-made swing. STOP FEEDING ME TORTE, FAMILY.

Played monkey in the middle with said kids AND taught them the color game.

Cleaned three rugs (which is ARDUOUS, let me tell you. Involves giant rugs, the hose, a big broom, dish soap, and at least two little slaves helpers).

I showered! Success!

Read the news for the first time in a week. (NPR, Buzzfeed, the usual).

Studied shume shqip. (shume = a lot)

Wrote three blog posts!

Finished the damnable Ready-to-Serve Response for my site assignment.

Missed a birthday lunch for my friend Dan. Shume keq. Me fal, Dan.

Did two loads of laundry HOLLA AT ME, CLEAN CLOTHES.

Trimmed my bangs.

Cleaned my room (which was also arduous, let me tell you.)

Read a book in my hammock. SHUME MIRE, LIFE. SHUME MIRE.

*Disclaimer: I only write these posts on days when when I'm particularly productive. Not on days when all I do is eat bread and watch Game of Thrones.

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  1. Cleaning Rugs: What a hoot Mary. You started doing this in Hudson when your dad and I decided to buy a home built in 1857 and needed rugs for every room in the house!! Your a pro:) I love to know about every minute of your day. XO Mom