Monday, May 6, 2013

Çfarë, Jafar?

The shqip word for "what" is çfarë (chfar). It's one syllable, but when we Americans use it like "WHAT?!" it comes out as chuh-FAR?! As the Disney generation, we all pronounce it with this image in our heads:

And believe me, there have been many, many Jafar moments here in Albania. Let me list a few:

1. Our two language teachers love to cook. One of them told us she was going to make her favorite food for us as a post-Practicum celebration. She made us sheep's head. 


Not gonna lie, it was pretty tasty. The brain was weird though, and Amber's good friend in vet school was all, "DON'T EAT THAT IT'S GONNA GIVE YOU PRIONS AND YOU'RE GONNA DIE." But we all tried it anyway...even the group vegetarians.

One chef, our teacher Ornela. Our other teacher, Besa, made the dish on the table - tavë kosi, a traditional Elbasan dish made with boiled chicken and broth, kos (yogurt), eggs, and flour. Um, yum?...

Darina (with camera) and Zyri (with fork) are our two Peace Corps health educator coordinators.

Paul's "third eye"

Vegetarian Jill

2. I bought myself some (very expensive) nutella for my birthday BECAUSE I WANTED TO, PEOPLE, DON'T JUDGE. And then my host family ate the whole thing. When I found the empty glass jar, I was all,


3. At our health fairs in Pajovë and Bishqem, we had a smoking dentist and a doctor who sat down to take blood pressures of people standing up. Um, excuse me!?

4. We're in a third world country, right? No running water in schools, child beggars, five people to one motorcycle, the like. And then we found out our local bakery has ice cream, air conditioning, and wifi.

Ice cream and air conditioning and wifi.

sing it with me: ice cream and air conditioning and wifi, oh my! JUH-FAR?!?


  1. Oh my goodness, laughing so hard.

  2. And you thought Sheephead was just a card game.
    You know my favorite food is something I have never had ... until now
    Makes Bunny Sausage look a whole lot better.
    Bon Appetit