Thursday, May 9, 2013

Focus focus fo-CAKE! And other distractions in class.

Language classes are awesome and not-so-awesome at the same time. On one hand, we have the best teachers of the whole PST language team, here in Bishqem/Pajove. On the other hand, classes long. And every day. And in shqip. So sometimes...we have to entertain ourselves. EXHIBIT A:

We had to create a dialogue between two friends about one's trip. It went like so:

Becky: Hi! Welcome home!
Jafar: Thank you!
Becky: How was your vacation?
Jafar: My vacation was very bad.
Becky: Why? What happened?
Jafar: First, my sweetheart fell from the train and died.
Becky: How sad! What else?
Jafar: I ate some bad food and got a stomachache.
Becky: And then?
Jafar: I went to the doctor, who was very very beautiful. And now she is my wife.
Becky: Oh! (Becky is speechless)
Jafar: It is the best thing. My first girlfriend was ugly. My woman now is very beautiful.
Becky: Where was your wedding?
Jafar: Yesterday, in the church in the hospital. My wife works a lot.
Becky: How long did you stay at the hospital?
Jafar: We're going on our honey moon. We are going to travel by furgon. But, the furgon broke because it hit a donkey.
Becky: The end.

EXHIBIT B: spontaneous class breaks for Albanian lipstick demonstrations. It's hard to tell, but we're all wearing Jill's bright neon pink lipstick. And the Albanian in the middle is our long-suffering teacher, Besa. The things she puts up with...

EXHIBIT C: when bored, doodle.

Let's draw pictures of drug addicts...and name them after fellow PCTs! (We were learning, I promise. We then had to describe our drug addicts in shqip.)

Sorry Amber, because I don't know what I did to you. And Josh, because you look like a hobo.

My crazy neighbor, Suzi, who says "artiste!" whenever she sees me.

It took me FOREVER to figure out how to draw donkey ears...

...and as soon as I did, I drew one with roller skates. Because, obviously.

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  1. Mary this is great. I wish I could post your Trinity grade school picture of Tchaikovsky! That is also great. I will keep it in the present tense since I have it saved and may still put it on the refrigerator. XO Mom