Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm smelling roses...

So, remember these pretty roses from the neighbor girls? Well, I killed them... make some perfume! Because I only shower every three days! And I'm already almost out of what good-smelling stuff I brought from home! And roses smell so lovely!

Thanks to my gluttony on my birthday, I had two glass jars to work with (peanut butter and nutella). I made one jar in front of my host sister, and another one when she was out to give to her for her birthday. (VERY HARD, believe me. The chick never leaves the house, and there is ALWAYS someone watching me when I'm home. Because they care about me, but still.) 

There's no access to (or money for) fancy bases, so I used some homemade olive oil, stuck some petals in the jars...and now we wait. For like 4 weeks. That's an awful long time to see whether or not I made something magical, or just moldy. Both are equally likely.

DON'T WORRY, MOM. I won't forget to peel off the ugly label before I give it to her. I'm classier than 

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