Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 8, Part I: Yes, This Is Out Of Order, Don't Hate Me

The Sunday of site announcement week, all of us Pajovian volunteers were invited to lunch at Dan’s house by his host mom, Luqi (loo-chee). Luqi is crazy. In a wonderful, loving, passionate kind of way. But still…insane. She has so much energy it’s terrifying.

But she’s also a single mother in Albania, supporting her parents, building a new house, working a job, and learning English on the side. So she’s also kind of a badass.

And she’s an excellent cook. For the first month that Dan lived there, she was insulted daily because he couldn't finish the ENORMOUS portions of food she would give him. When I say enormous, I mean enough food for a family of five…just for poor Dan.

So you can imagine the spread she had for us. It was beautiful. And it was DELICIOUS:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I lost all my pictures, sorry

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