Sunday, June 23, 2013

Contact me, yo.

I've finally settled on an address to which all y'all can send me mail! (Please?) Since my actual building doesn't have an address (that's functional, at least), you can write to me c/o my counterpart, Lena. Actually, c/o her husband, but who's splitting hairs?

Mary Quandt
c/o Zoi Rrushi
Lagja "Loni Dhamo"
Pallati parafabrikat 13, kati 3
Lushnje, Albania

That's for letters. For packages, send them here:

Mary Quandt OR Megan Bowman
Bashkia Lushnje
Lushnje, Albania

That makes it all official (Megan is the community development volunteer here who works at the bashkia/municipality). And when customs asks for a list of items and a price tag, your best bet is to totally lie list something like, "paper, marker, pens, various supplies for United States Peace Corps volunteer" or something similarly official-sounding.

Sorry it took me so long to figure all this out...and then actually post the info. Can't wait to see what shows up!


  1. Yea....I definitely just sent something to a different address....hope that's ok.