Monday, June 17, 2013


In case you missed the memo, coffee = life in Albania. When my host family finally trusted me with more than a broom (after a slight hiccup, where they almost rescinded my rights to a carrot peeler), I was allowed to enter the world of big girls: learning to make Turkish coffee.

Basically, you mix equal parts coffee, sugar, and water together and heat it until the foam threatens to boil over. And then you drink the mud, which is surprisingly good. (But let's be honest - if it weren't for the sugar, the stuff would taste like dirt.)

And when I mastered that skill, I had proudly attained the house-hold skills of an Albanian 6-year-old.

Coffee breaks also = PST survival.


Also, you always get two sugar packets with espresso, and I steal them and take them home and empty them into my sugar jar. Go ahead, judge away, see if I care.

It's free sugar.


  1. you're going to come back and be a hoarder

  2. Steal the sugar packets for your sugar jar?!?! AHAHA. So Mary.

  3. I'm also hoarding office supplies. But that's another story.