Sunday, June 2, 2013

Swearing In!

black jacket brigade

speaking ladies



chocolate. yum.

Lushnje sitemates

Lushnje and Kavaje sitemates

Zyri, health education practicum adviser

Pajove language teachers and PST language coordinator

Ambassador Arvizu!

Ornela and Besa, language teachers

Wait, we're going off on our own now?!

HEY EVERYONE, GROUP 16 IS OFFICIALLY VOLUNTEERS! Lots of bigwigs from the Ministry of Health, the Prefecture of Elbasan, and the US Embassy attended. And I got to speak – truly an honor. Our ambassador, Ambassador Arvizu, was there and spoke (and found out he went to high school with the father of one of the volunteers…this world is SMALL, people) – and seeing as Albanians love America, Americans, and Arvizu (and apparently I adore alliteration), the news media was all over his comments about friendship, etc.

But, really, the biggest success of the day? I WAS ON TOP CHANNEL TV. It was for like two seconds, but still. And below is the speech I made… yes, I understand bragging is not an appealing character trait.  

For most of it I'm reading two well-loved Albanian poems. Below is one of them, found in every school in Albania and known by heart by every Albanian:

         Gjuha jone, sa e mire,                     Our language, how good,
      sa e emble, sa e gjere;                        how sweet, how vast;
       sa e lehte, sa e lire,                            how easy, how free,
           sa e bukur, sa e vlere!                     how beautiful, how worthy!

Also, Amber made a fantastic slideshow of our PST experience. And due to the inevitable roadblocks of life, she had to go to hell and back to get it to work...and now YouTube won't show it. Hopefully I can share it soon! Vimeo FTW! Check it out here!

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