Saturday, June 8, 2013

This is how I look when...

...I get to Lushnje and try to jump right into work, right away:

(it's a metaphor, Mom.)

...Megan tells me that dhalle is good. Dhalle is watered-down salty kos/yogurt.

...I opened up the cabinets at Kip's my apartment to discover things like ginger and cinnamon and curry:

...When Lena/Moza/shopkeepers/postal workers/any Albanian say something unintelligible in shqip:

...When Lena grabs my hand and pulls me along for yet another adventure:

...When Megan showed me the picture of the black mold under her sink:

...aaaaaand my suggestion about what she should do about it:


  1. stop being so funny. I can't handle it.

  2. GEEZ Mary,
    Do you need me to send you some sort of hiking helmet?
    I hope it didn't do as much damage to you as it looks in the video.
    Does Albanian mud taste different than American mud?
    I'll say it again, BE CAREFUL.

  3. Haha, Dad, that's not actually me! Silly.