Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tomorrow is Albania's election day - for everything. The entire municipality could be upended with the results, not to mention the entire government due to a possible party change-over at the national level. And Albanians are getting ca-RAY-zy. We're on standfast starting tonight at 7pm all through tomorrow.

But let's talk about politics. There are two main front runners in the competition: Sali Berisha (current prime minister) and Edi Rama. Berisha represents the Democratic Party (which is more analogous to the American GOP) and Rama represents the Socialist Party (like the American Democrats) (so, totally not confusing at all ever). For a great post from a PCV's perspective, check out the awesome(ly-named) blog, Dude, Where's My Gomar?

Sali's official portrait. Sali actually tends to look like Grumpy Cat.

Rama's campaign photo (below). 
I can't help but think the caption to that photo is, "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!"

Also, last year Albania celebrated their 100th anniversary of independence. I'm kinda bummed I missed all the partying! But they created a new logo for the centennial, which is supposed to be a re-imagining of the current double-headed eagle flag.

I personally think it looks more like a bit of female reproductive anatomy, but that's just me.

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