Monday, July 1, 2013


WHY DO I SUCK AT BLOGGING? Routines are for losers, anyway.

So what have I been doing with my life? Let's start with the weekends. I try to spend as much time in-site as possible, but the allure of the seaside and time spent with friends I haven't seen in weeks is too strong to ignore. A few weekends ago I made the trip to Kavaje to see Kate and Jill...and ran into a few other friends as well! It was a quick furgon ride, and then an additional 20 minute drive to the beach. Afterward, we hit up an incredible seafood & pasta place. It was kinda eight whole dollars for a plate of mussels, calamari, fresh fish, prawns, and pasta. I may or may not have had a mini-meltdown when they told me they were out of their four-cheese dish (SO DRAMATIC), but they pulled off a miracle for me anyway. #dontgetbetweenabadgerandhercheese.

The following weekend found us in Durres, a big port town about an hour's drive north of Lushnje. I'd only heard bad things about the place, so was pleasantly surprised to find a relatively modern city! Granted, it was pretty dirty, but it had an awesome boardwalk and awesome donuts. So I liked the place.

One of the most endangered world heritage sites in Europe. An ancient Roman amphitheater, discovered in the 1960s, and basically built over with houses. It's slowly being restored(-ish)...but, some fear, too slowly.

And, this being Albania, of course there are chickens living in the stands.

The three Durres-ite volunteers who hosted us!

An old castle tower turned into a bar.


Mural on a kindergarten we stumbled upon...such a fun building!

It's hard to tell, but those bigger tomatoes are the size of grapefruits.

And a closing photo, to give you nightmares: Albanian mannequins. Terrifying.

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  1. Wow, beaches without lifeguards and Starbucks kiosks!!
    It is a primitive country
    Hang in there Pumpkin