Friday, July 12, 2013

Fotos from the Fourth

...and jazz fluting. I forgot to write about the jazz flute...but you'll see it below.

Some of these (i.e. the nice colorful ones) are shamefully stolen from a talented shutterbug, my friend Joyce.

Coffee and kos on a hillside, to the sound of bells clanging as the cows graze.


Luke and I, hitchhikers extraordinaire.
If I do say so myself.

This one's solely for my mumsy. Look, Mom, I met a nun!

And for the actual day of festivities:

the beach at Ksamil where we spent the day

happy fourth! let's be unsociable and read on the beach!

paddleboat WITH A SLIDE out to an island

see that little island out there? we swam back to shore from it!

jazz flute

Happy Fourth!

And the next day, more of the marvelous same:

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