Wednesday, July 24, 2013


...and the livin' is easy. Too easy.

It's difficult to do anything in the heat. I've always been more productive when I have more to do. Now, when I only have a few simple tasks a week, I'm just not motivated at all to do anything. It doesn't help that the heat is beastly, the humidity is entirely too high considering the drought we're in, and the office's dearth of work to do in the summer.

But motivate myself I must. Also, did I mention I went to Germany? I'll do a post tomorrow.

I just have to remind myself: this too will pass. This is an experience. Embrace the insanity. Revel in the bizarre realities of day-to-day life here in Albania.

Like that one time when I was in the car with two young Albanian dudes and we were discussing, in English, the merits of communism versus socialism and how to translate Che Guevara's idealism into modern reality while listening to Destiny's Child.

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