Monday, August 26, 2013

Muzikë: Ngjyra e Kuqe

Happy Monday! 

"The Color Red" is a song by Adrian Gahxa, featuring everyone's favorite little singer, Floriani. The little dude is actually a Kosovar (92% of people in Kosovo are actually ethnic Albanians and Albanian is an official language) and won a variation of the TV show America's/Britain's/Kosovo's/Albania's Got Talent. 

The pronounced vocal vibrato (when they hold a note and their voice wiggles around) is an important feature in both traditional as well as popular music today, which says a lot about the juxtaposition and clash of old and new cultures in Albania. This is definitely my favorite music video - instead of random shots of women dancing cut with the singers in front of terrible green screens, this one actually tells a sweet(ish) story:

Here's another BIG song. I HATE I'm not the biggest fan of Euro-pop. It's the most popular genre of music here; even their folk music is pop-ified. I'm slowly getting used to it, seeing as it's blared in every locale and on every TV you may happen upon. One of the songs that's been super popular for all of our service thus far is Te Ka Lali Shpirt (She Has ????? Your Spirit - "lali" isn't in the dictionary, isn't on Google translate, and my language tutor is out of with it.) (EDIT: "lali" is an endearment, so the title means something like "You're to Your BF  Like His Own Spirit." Wow. That sounds hideous in English. But the sentiment is the same! Thanks to Fabian for pointing this out!)

Whaddya think? 


  1. I don't know you and you don't know me, but I ran accidentally into your blog and it is fun and interesting to read your on-going experience of my country and its culture.

    It's fun also how you(inevitably) are gripped by these music videos. I like the first one better.
    FYI "te ka lali shpirt/xhan" just means "i love you".
    Literally translated: "lali" means "a guy you're close to, as friends (like dude, buddy) or as bf(boo). It also has a little child-like affection connotation. As in talking to a child but not as if you're older and smarter but with the affection for a cute beautiful kid. So lali can be your older brother, who always has your back.
    I don't know how much sense this is making so far.

    The expression's meaning is in first person even tho said in third person. "te kam shpirt" just means "you're to me like my own soul" and "te ka lali shpirt" means "you're to lali (aka me) like his soul".

    Wow, thought it would be much much more easier to explain it, but it got to be a blog entry on its own.

    Anyway, God bless and have fun in Shqiperi!

  2. Hi Fabian! Thanks for the explanation - and it did make sense. Glad you've enjoyed what I've written!

    Feel free to let me know if I make other mistakes. :)

    1. Hi Mary! I am not here to find your mistakes. :)

      I was looking for a Peace Corp Albania website when I ran into your blog and then just read some of them and in this one I thought I had to comment.

      Now, one of these days, I have to comment on your trip to the "bloodfest" since I come from there (close by). :)