Monday, August 19, 2013

Muzikë on Mondays

I'm gonna change things up a wee bit here. I've been slightly remiss in terms of the third Peace Corps goal:
Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.
So, as much as I hate themed days on social media, it might be the only way to keep my rear in gear and post more often with the third goal in mind. That being said, here on the bloggity blog Mondays are going to be about music. (The alliteration is just too tacky to pass up.)


Let's continue in the wedding theme while we're on it, eh? "Nuse Moj Tu Befte Nene" (pretty sure it means, in other words, "Bride, Follow in Your Mother's Footsteps") is a classic example of wedding circle dance music. You can see some circle dancing going on in the video - the same steps as in my videos from last week's wedding. The leader of the circle (it's never closed; in fact, if it's a large group, the circle tends to turn into a spiral) waves a (usually red) scarf around, and often leads the group for one song.

Yes, I led the dance a few times. No, I did not want too. When in Rome...

Here's another tradition circle dance song "When the Does Dance" (not a typo, calm down - "does" as in multiple "female deer" as in "young women"):

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