Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Girl: Reading

Going through the old photos on my camera (looking for something to put on the blog, because nothing's worse than a boring and updated blog. Well, some things are worse. Running out of peanut butter is worse.) I came across pics of projects I did earlier in the summer when I was bored out of my mind. I'm definitely most proud of this one!

I've mentioned this before, but since my apartment is four rooms and they're all painted a nice, fleshy pink, I feel like I live in the belly of a giant cow. Therefore, I'm slowly but surely covering up the walls with art and letters from home and photos. There was a gaping space above my bed when I first moved in:

Being my mother's daughter, I set to work rearranging asap and planning for how to make the room One particularly boring day in June, it was raining and the electricity was out, so I drew inspiration from Pinterest and one of my favorite sculptures to create an inside-out reading-girl silhouette.

                                                     a45226301b52e2f34827b3444f1a5875 Colorful Art Pieces Made Easy  

Pietro Magni's Girl Reading, 1856

The previous volunteer had left some giant boxes, so I used one of them as a canvas to create a silhouette with strips of paper from an old calender and 50 cents worth of glue:

 And voilá! Cheap art and a day that felt slightly productive!

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  1. Looks like you did a good job in the Reticulum.
    I'll send you the new Wisconsin Wrestling poster for the Rumen.
    Keep up the good work for our world
    Very proud of you - tons and tonnes