Thursday, October 10, 2013


One of my super awesome friends here, Jill, just had a blog post of hers go viral. Her 50 Observations of Albania can't be generalized the entire country, of course, but she never meant for them to! I loved reading it when she first published it, because she hit so many common themes of life here, plus a few unexpected ones that I'd already begun to take for granted.

As when anything goes viral, of course, there was a lot of commentary on the post, so she wrote an eloquent follow-up that I'd be remiss to fail to share. Check that out here.

I'd HIGHLY recommend you scurry on over to her blog and check it out. She has a fantastic perspective, not only on Albania, but life in general!

Jill and I on the left, with Megan & Kate on the right. Kate & Jill live in nearby Kavaje.


  1. Hey Mary, I think I saw you on TV. For like a split second.
    But your friend, Lena was on it a lot, since she spoke more Albanian I'm guessing.

  2. Haha, that was probably me at work. Lena is an Albanian who works for the D.Sh.P.