Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Time of Love Returned Into the Time of Mourning

A few weeks ago, Group 16 had its language refresher in Elbasan. It was kind of surreal to be back in the city of our training last spring, taking language classes again with our teachers, and seeing (almost) all of us again. (Almost, because a few volunteers have returned home. But we seriously miss you guys!!)

Of course, the highlights of the week were not the actual training. The second night was our talent show, and I have to say, we are hilarious. I mean, some people are geniuses. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard here! I was lucky to be included with a group of gals to do a skit written by some 10th grade Albanian kids in one volunteer's English class. Ivy had her students write soap operas and I must say, those kids are hilarious, too.

Megan and I lucked out and played the two male characters. I was Humberto, who fell in love with Marta (Kate, below), whom I met in an elevator, and then married, whereupon I promptly died. Megan played Andrew, who got drunk, tried to jump off a rock into the sea, tried to find a girlfriend at a wedding, and then also died.

These Albanian kids are watching way too many telenovelas.

I'm including some of the more poignant memorable lines, because while these kids' grasp of English is pretty incredible, sometimes it's also incredibly hilarious.

"What you say me!? I don't to remind the past."

"Why you batter me if you like my kiss?"

"Who is this man that does not like my daughter? Everyone!"

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