Friday, January 31, 2014

EuroTrip Adventuretime 2013/2014! Part II

(Part I here)

Remember The Best Christmas Present Ever? The reason I found myself crying on some Hungarian side street at 5AM Christmas morning? The reason I left Budapest a day early (and missed both the hot springs and ice skating that the other three did that day)? Well, as I was freaking out about leaving The Best Christmas Present Ever all alone in Vienna on Christmas day because I'd be so late, The Best Christmas Present Ever was also crying about leaving me alone in Vienna on Christmas day because she would be so late.

We had agreed to meet at our hotel at 9:00 Christmas morning. (My train would arrive in town at 8:30 and her flight would land at 8:00.) But the best-laid schemes of Mice and Men (and Optimists) oft go awry. When I got to the hotel at 1PM, I logged into the wifi to discover that The Best Christmas Present Ever's flight had be cancelled. CANCELLED. Thankfully, she managed to get on a flight to Dusseldorf (to at least get to the continent) where she would try to find a connection. And that was the last communique we had. I settled into our hotel room, raided the mini fridge, and prepared for an interminable wait until I heard from her. Which she had no chance to do until she walked into our room at 6PM (just when I was getting absolutely desperate for food).

Obviously, there's no recording of what happened when she walked in the door. But it looked a little bit like this:

And some of this:

And all was well in the world.

Emily had to go through four airlines, a ten-hour layover in Dusseldorf, and her luggage was no where to be found. But she made it, and we were together for the first time in nine months, one week, and one day. And she really was The Best Christmas Present Ever. And we snuggled, and we talked, and we fell asleep holding hands.


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