Saturday, February 1, 2014

EuroTrip Adventuretime 2013/2014! Part III

(Part I here and Part II here)

This is getting ridiculously long, and we're not even halfway done. Can you see why I procrastinated doing this? (Why, you may ask, does it have to be so detailed? Who really cares, anyway? I DO AND IT'S MY BLOG so there. Also my parents want a play-by-play. And if I don't write it down I'll forget it forever.)

The day after Christmas, Emily and I woke up nice and refreshed and ready for a day of adventuring. (Lol, jk, Emily was jet-lagged and tired after twenty-four hours of travelling and I was only hyper because my coffee had multiple shots of espresso.) We had tentative plans (but after the previous day's brush with 'plans,' we had no illusions of success) to meet the other three girls at our hostel that afternoon, so we had the morning to explore and mosey our way over there (on the other side of the city).

"Mary, go casually lean in that doorway. Look natural."

"Em, you looked so cute taking that picture! Go over there and pretend to do it again so I can grab a shot."
"But we only have the one camera."
"That's why I said pretend to do it. I just want a shot of your cute butt."

Yay! Cool books!

For Dad. We have no idea what kind of car it is. Sorry.

Kosovars! Emily got her first taste of my Shqip skills. (We're doing the double-headed eagle sign.)

Vienna's Christmas markets.


These two were totally hamming it up for Emily as she sniped a creeper shot over their dad's shoulder.

Museums Quarter. Mary Quandt. MQ. IT WAS MEANT TO BE.

Emily thought this sign was hilarious. I thought the four men she literally stopped in their tracks while she took this picture were decidedly not hilarious.

Look at that adorable sassy face.

When we got to the hostel, we discovered that we'd just missed the girls on their way to lunch, so Em and I parked ourselves in the common room and I played piano for a few hours while she read/napped/told everyone from home that she had survived her trip. After the other three finished their lunch, all of us settled into our room and then went out for some Viennese coffee and exploring.

Because how could we not.

We made our way back, grabbed some dinner along the way, and got some good sleep before setting out to explore more of the city the next day. But that'll be part IV of this never ending series.

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