Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday! And what does an average Monday look like? Let's take a look at last week's:

7:00am The usual morning line-up: snooze button, snooze button, snooze button, crap I have to shower.

7:45 Hop in the shower.

8:00 Run around, making coffee, putting on mascara, looking for that one pair of tights, eating a banana, starting a load of laundry, reading email while attempting to put on lipstick.

Much better than the tin-can camping contraption I was using before. Thanks, Heather!

8:30 Leave the house.

8:31 Return to the house for whatever I forgot. Usually my phone. Or my sanity.

8:35 Get to the office (conveniently just across the street). Have (another) coffee with the office mates. Gesti calls the cafe down the street and they send a waiter over with our little macchiatos.

9:00 Knee starts bouncing due to the amount of caffeine I've consumed in an hour.

9:30 Call a physician at the National Institute of Health about a grant I want to write with her. She calls me "darling" four times and we agree it's best if I go to visit her in Tirana. Yay field trip! Boo bus ride.

10:00-12:00 Moza and I walk around to all the 9-year schools to talk to the directors about doing projects with their students. We set dates for next week to present to 6th grade girls about every preteen's favorite topic...menstruation!

12:30 Return to the office, where Lena is grouchy because apparently there was supposed to be an AIDS presentation at the high school...which I had absolutely no idea about. Oops.

12:31 "MERI, CALL FIQA." (Fiqa is the student leader of the First Aid Club)

12:45 Fiqa and company show up and we plan to do the presentation the following day. (It didn't get done until Thursday.)

1:00 I head home to do some work with my internet, make myself some lunch (fresh squeezed orange juice with oranges from Ina's mom), put some failed bagels in the oven, switch out the laundry, sweep (and be shocked for the millionth time how dirty these floors get), go through my students' piano books looking at today's lessons, take bagels out of oven, grab my computer, burn mouth on hot-outta-the-oven bagel, and run out the door.

I think I killed my yeast...

2:10 Make it to Megan's to drop off my computer so she can copy some files while I go to piano lessons.

2:45 Until 4:00, I have three different group lessons at a local church that has two keyboards. One of the keyboards only plays the bassoon sound after high C, causing me to cross my eyes and twitch whenever that perilous bridge is crossed. But first up, a fifteen minute piano lesson with 6-year-old Ana. She's adorable and pretends to not understand a word I say. We succeed in getting her to do a simple C scale...on her second lesson. Woot!

3:00 Lesson with my "skilled students" - the two girls (14 and 16) who've had a bit of solfeggio in the past.* We're just starting with muscle memory on the keyboard, though, and so they get incredibly frustrated that I make them play the same thing over and over for twenty minutes until it's perfect. Even though I outwardly tell them that I remember how frustrating it was when my teacher made me do monotonous exercises repeatedly (heyo, Mrs. Heinecke), inwardly I'm cackling maniacally because the student has become the master. *obnoxious overly-dramatic voice*

3:30 I switch classes to a strange group of 3: two boys, 10 and 14, and a church employee in his 20s; none have any musical background or experience whatsoever. It's the first day that I'm letting them touch the keyboard after a month of trying to get them to understand the connection between the musical notes and the notes as written on paper.

4:02 The pastor asks me to add another student. No.

4:20 Call Megan on my way home and gripe about the day. Sorry Megan.

4:30 Get back to my apartment, eat another bagel because I have no self-control, read a few chapters of Great Expectations, and pass. out. on the couch.

6:25 Awake with an aggressive leap from the couch, afraid I missed my dinner date. But I've still got five minutes, which is enough time to try to rub the pillow marks off my cheeks and brush my hair in an attempt to look semi-acceptable.

6:31 Take elevator to the 8th floor in my slippers (nbd, just going to dinner in my slippers cuz they live in the same building, holla!), wrong floor, walk down a level, wander around a bit, and finally arrive at my destination.

6:32-10:00 Dinner with Ardita and her parents. Ardita is a young doctor who works at the D.Sh.P. and with whom I'm going to do GLOW (Girls Leading Our World). Her parents are teachers, and from his huge collection of books her father gave me an Albanian novel to try out (yikes), Ne Te Tre. Her mother made a traditional Albanian dinner and dessert, and sent me home with sweet byrek. So of course I'm in love with both of Ardita's parents, because sugar and books are totally the way to my heart.

10:00 Make a cup of tea and snuggle up with Pip and Estella.

12:04 Finish Great Expectations (totally surprised by how much I liked it). Brush teeth. Crawl into bed.

Two thumbs up.

12:11 Suddenly remember to set alarm. Say a prayer of thanks because otherwise I would have slept until 3pm the next day.

12:11:30 Pass out.

*THE IMMOVABLE "DO" IS GOING TO KILL ME. I swear. I try to use the note names but then I say the letter names and they look at me like I'm on crack. And then I fix it but if we're in the key of G and we're playing GAB, they still consider it sol-la-si. Crazy. CRAZY.

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