Friday, February 7, 2014

Seriously. Pimp Juice.

So, Albania’s great and all, but what’ll really blow your mind is this: THERE ARE NO COPYRIGHT LAWS. That means all logos, brands, photos, designs, media…all of it is kinda up for grabs. Not really – but actually yes, it is. Also, there really aren’t any restrictions on branding, so you run into quite a few interesting, ahem, ideas. I have compiled a definitely-not-comprehensive but certainly representative list:

1.       XXX Ketchup. It’s only for those 18+ so if you’re just 17 and looking for something to put on your french fry sandwich BACK OFF.
2.       CapriSonnes….which look suspiciously like CapriSuns but that’s totally coincidence.

3.       In case the triple X ketchup didn’t work, try some Pimpjuice.

4.       Mr. Clean Proper.

Pimpjuice. I literally can't make this stuff up.

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