Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Just south of Lushnje is the city of Fier, which is kind of like the capital of our "state" and yes, there are plenty of jokes about the volunteers who live in "Fier/fear." Outside of the city is the ancient Greek city of Apollonia. It was a huge, bustling university city until an earthquake in the 3rd century AD changed the course of the nearby river, plaguing the city with a swamp of mosquitoes and destroying the local harbor trade. It's one of the few very well preserved and presented ancient cites in Albania, and it's estimated that there's an additional 80% of the city underground, waiting to be discovered.

A few weeks ago, some volunteers organized a trek out there and invited Megan and I along. It was a stunning day with awesome people.

Step 1. Pretend pose with a map because you're too awkward to smile at the camera.

Step 2. Pretend to be eaten by a dismembered lion head.

Step 3. Marvel at how lucky you are to have such great friends even though you are a world-class weirdo.

Step 4. Drink a coffee at the top of a hill and watch a shepherd herd sheep because Albania.

All photos stolen from Megan's Facebook. 

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