Saturday, May 3, 2014

All those birthdays I missed because I was too busy avoiding the internet...

April is such a great birthday month. My dad and Uncle Rob on the sixth,

my awesome friend Nicole on the 4th,

my sweet cousin Danielle on the 10th,

Jk, it's not 1995 anymore:

my BESTEST BFF EVER on the 18th,

(I am the Ghost of Birthdays Past:)

mine on the 20th,

(thanks Meg!!)

my counterpart Eriola AND my darling anglophile friend Beth on the 25th,

(enviable, beautiful dark curly hair must be a side effect of being born on the 25th)

fellow Pajove-r and PCV Dan on the 28th,

(who wouldn't want to be friends with that face?)

and my Uncle Bill on the 30th!

(...and  I'm sure I missed someone. Send me an irate email and I'll devote a whole blog post to your amazingness.)

Happy birthday, you wonderful people. Thanks for being born.

Here's to you!

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