Friday, May 2, 2014

Volunteer Visit...take II

Two weekends ago, Megan and I were visited by three new trainees for their volunteer visit. After their first two weeks in country, every new PCT gets the opportunity to visit a current volunteer at their site. Last year, I went to April's in Rreshen and it saved my life. And my sanity. (Also, is it just me, or was I a much funnier writer back in the day when I was still a bright eyed idealist?) This year, Meg and I were psyched to have the chance to spoil some newbies the way we were - that whole pay-it-forward idea but without Haley Joel Osment getting stabbed at the end.

Seriously, though, look at these beauties who have that Albanian pose already down pat! I hope they don't hate me for posting this photo...

Ansley (from FL), Kelsey (from TX), and Emily (From NY/NH)
Fun fact: My dad was prom king. His prom queen now lives in upstate NY. She's married to the podiatrist in a teensy weensie town. Emily is from upstate NY. Emily knows that particular podiatrist and his wife. Emily knows my dad's prom queen. This world, I tell you. It's SO SMALL.

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