Monday, June 2, 2014


My blog surpassed 20,000 hits! 

The end of the most recent Game of Thrones episode? THIS:

"Don't leave me alone in this world."
#jk #yolo #crying

When my grant money doesn't come in on time because Peace Corps didn't tell me there was a problem with my paperwork..., of course:

When I see all the people I hate at the D.Sh.P. standing in the hallway while we're preparing our training, expecting (futilely) to be invited in with the coffee and cookies:

(Yes, Mother, I know "hate" is a strong word, but these are the unqualified idiots who only have a job because they are from the same village as the director and they literally do nothing all day - because they don't know what they hell they're supposed to be doing - yet expect us to stand up in respect as they pass the office. NOT GONNA DO IT.)

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