Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! 

For a few years when I was little, my parents hosted a Fourth of July brunch at our house on the main residential street in town, where we could eat red white and blue fruit salads with red white and blue pancakes while watching the city's Independence Day parade line up. 

July 4, 2000 (I think?), the year Emily lost all her teeth in the space of a few weeks. Also, didn't EVERYONE have one of those dog+American flag shirts from Old Navy back then?

Then we all hiked down a block to the main road below to catch the train of Shriners in their little cars, high-stepping show horses, and firetrucks with local kid's sports teams riding above and pelting the crowd with candy.

Em's the little blondie with the pigtails!:

What better way to celebrate the beauty of America than to hop on a sailboat and take in the beauty of the bluffs and St. Croix River? Oh America, you so Beautiful.

Either Mom and Dad cared more about my safety than Emily's (sorry Em), or they thought that my lack of hand-eye coordination made me more likely to go overboard (which is true). 

Above and below: Emily demonstrating the quintessential Fourth of July foods: watermelon and hot dogs (or burgers or brats or any other grilled meat on a bun).

To top the day off, some years we crawled out onto our roof to watch the fireworks over the river, and other years we went out on a boat to get a close view. 

The fourth of July was a magical holiday as a child (and now I'm homesick). BUT pencil me in on your calender, USA, because I'll be back for the fabulous festivities next year!

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