Friday, August 22, 2014

Other various things about living alone

1. I waste so. much. food. I just can't keep up with my fruits and veggies in this heat. Not to mention they're all deliciously organic, so there aren't any preservative sprays and whatnot, and so I'm always finding one variety of rotten cherries or carrots (the later of which smell just like an old man.)

2. You know how when the weather's really dry and you get lots of boogers? (TMI? Deal with it.) But it's so humid now, I couldn't blame dryness for my constant snuffles. Then I realized it's simply the fact that there's crazy construction next to me and across the street for me - so it's a losing battle. The dust is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. But I live alone, so I can pick my nose to my heart's delight.

3. Laundry is a long process. Monday: unpack travel backpack by dumping contents on the floor. Tuesday: kick pile of dirty clothes out of the way, towards the washer. Wednesday: sort clothes. Thursday: plug in water heater. Friday: Wash clothes, hang to dry. Next month: fold clothes.

4. I can force friends to watch all 2.5 hours of Les Miz and get teary-eyed at the end. And then when they leave, I can watch the 3-hour 25th Anniversary concert of it on YouTube and sing along while crying. And then I can watch the 10th Anniversary Dream Cast concert on YouTube, too, only this time skipping to the good parts so I can practice hitting those high notes that Amanda Seyfried can't. (No offense, Amanda, you're an okay Cosette, but I can sing higher than you and my neighbors can prove it.)*

I like to think Gavroche just trolled everyone and pranced away with Javert's medal and then lived happily ever after in a free France. #betterversion

So not everything about living alone sucks. I'll sign off now, though, because I've got neighbors to annoy and laundry to not do.

*Not saying I sing better, just that if we were bats...I'd be better at echolocation. 


  1. I always thought echolocation was the most important aspect of singing.