Wednesday, September 3, 2014

GLOW Corovode, Berat, & Prrenjas

Here are the last of this summer's GLOW posts - that is, before we hold our first national camp next week (!!!).

I was invited down to Corovode to do some hygiene and lady bits lessons. Heather and Alayna had the girls dancing, eating healthy rainbow snacks, and appreciating the outdoors in my favorite little shqiptar town. The girls were a bit younger (10-12) and so I had a few more innocent questions. "Wait. Why doesn't the baby come from the belly button?!"

First aid

Personal hygiene

Sun safety - because Albanian girls LOVE to tan. Noooo! Use sunscreen!!

Dancing "Break the Chain" from the One Billion Rising campaign

Two weeks later, I went down to Berat where Alayna partnered with another volunteer, Kelsey, to put on a GLOW camp at Berat's Youth Center. There are three volunteers in Berat, but they're all dudes, so they imported Kelsey and Alayna to work with their students.

I am strong and beautiful.
I can change my life.
I can change the world!

Fun internet find: did you know that you can make an awesome hymen model using a toilet paper tube and some latex (like a balloon...or in this case, a condom)? Just wrap it over one open end of the toilet paper roll and snip a hole in the middle to demonstrate how ridiculous virginity myths are.

Twenty-four whirlwind hours later, I found myself in Prrenjas with Lucy and Stacey for my final local GLOW camp of the summer! These photos are kinda awful, so I'll update with better photos later from another camera.

Thus concludes the summer of the Vagina Lady. I will not be reprising this role at the national camp, because all the girls there have heard some variation of the talk in the past three months (some from me, some from other great lady volunteers). But seriously, though - GLOW is the bomb. I've had a blast!

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