Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tumblr-ing in Albanian

I am not the best at sharing actual information on Albania (that is, excluding what pertains to the blogging topic du jour). And I'm a member of the Language & Culture Committee! For shame, Mary.

Thankfully, the LCC just launched a new Tumblr about not only language and culture here in country, but history, religion, food, and music - so I can shift part of the responsibility of edumacating my friends and family onto the committee's capable shoulders! The blog will be updated often, with posts from volunteers all over Albania. I'll be contributing there about once a month (don't worry, they'll be short & sweet), but I'll also link it here (so you can gain ALL the knowledge!). You can also click on the "Albanian Language and Culture" link I have on the upper right hand corner below the blog title.

Since blog posts are super boring without photos, here's a recent one taken in Ardenice after a lovely lunch with Peace Corps staff from in-country and a few visitors here to discuss the future of the health program in Albania.

It totally looks like I chopped a chunk of hair off on my right side and now I'm having flashbacks to 2007 and my awesome mom 'do from Bye Bye Birdie.

Too bad I can't find any good photo evidence of that.

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