Wanna get a hold of me? Try email (, Skype (mary.quandt), or send me a letter! (Please?)

Since my building doesn't have an address (that's functional, at least), you can write to me c/o Peace Corps:

Mary Quandt 
(c/o Korpusi i Paqes)
P.O. Box 8180
Tirana, Albania

That's for letters. For packages, send them here:

Mary Quandt
Bashkia e Lushnjes
Lushnje, Albania

That makes it all official. And when customs asks for a list of items and a price tag, your best bet is to totally lie list something like, "paper, marker, pens, various supplies for United States Peace Corps volunteer" or something similarly official-sounding. Another tip is to draw a cross or three on the box to imply it's a religious shipping.

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